MicMute PCB


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This handy circuit allows you to silently mute/activate any microphone, allowing phantom power to pass-through to condenser mics as well.  Originally built to allow more flexible talk-back options in the studio, it can be used anywhere you may want to give local control of a mic’s ‘on’ status.  Using a SPDT on-off-mom switch you can have latching and momentary switching, and the board has a provision for dual LED’s to give a clear indication of status.  Can be run on anything from 5 to 24VDC battery or wall wart, just pick the appropriate relay, and adjust the LED dropping resistors to suit.  The mute circuit itself is entirely passive, so you could easily adapt this to be unpowered.

In the studio, we’re using it to get around the awful built-in talkback mic in most monitor controllers and interfaces.  Just use a spare channel on your interface or mixer, send it to the appropriate headphone feeds and place the Mic Mute in between, and you can use any microphone in your collection to give the artist a better experience in the cans!


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